David Williams Photography Wordless Wednesday ~01.22.13~

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Okay, not so Wordless this week. I wanted thank Alicia (at Project Alicia) for the inspiration for the “fake” Polaroid idea. The link to her post can be found >>here<<. This was my first attempt at doing this and realize I really need to find an old Polaroid and use that instead of a cardboard cut out.  Lessons learned. About the umbrella, I use it for lighting, however, my daughter really liked using it as…an umbrella! I just couldn’t make myself take it away from her! 😀 The location we shot at (Northern State Hospital) has been featured on Ghost Hunters and has found to be haunted, it takes a little coaxing for Cait to head out there with me. The image in the “Polaroid” is from when there was an unknown noise (…I think it was a from a bird) off to our left. Having said all that, I have to say that Northern State is my all time fav place to shoot! 😀

Happy (not so) Wordless Wednesday everyone!


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