David Williams Photography Wordless Wednesday ~05.15.13~

Click image to view larger…no really, you should check it out (looks better I promise)!

What…another not-so-wordless wednesday?? I felt this image needed some explaining…and a disclaimer!!

First, the disclaimer. Do not do this if you are near dry, fire prone items! We had plenty of room on the beach and the person who was twirling (more about that in a minute) was actually standing in the water! Whew, now…onto the image.

This is the outcome of when you ignite steel wool. Yes, you read that right…steel wool! Fine steel wool actually (comes in three grades, fine works best). Here’s how it’s done. You take some of the steel wool and fluff it out. Next, insert it into a metal whisk (as in the kind you find in the kitchen). The whisk will need to have string/chain (you get the idea) attached so you can twirl (told ya I would get to that) it around you. You can light the wool with a normal lighter and start to twirl it around. This image was a 10 second exposure, so yes…you will probably have to move out of auto. I don’t think you will need to go into bulb mode, so try manual or shutter priority for 10 seconds (or what works best for you).

I have posted more examples of some steel wool shots and some light painting shots. Feel free to head over to>>my normal photo blog<< to check em out (nice little plug there eh)! πŸ™‚


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