On May 23, 2013 part of the bridge on Interstate 5 between Mount Vernon (where I live) and Burlington, Washington collapsed into the Skagit River. Incredibly only 2 vehicles went into the water and all three people survived! Life around here has suddenly got slower…much slower as the daily traffic over the bridge is right around 70,000 vehicles which means…it all get’s diverted into the city! My friend told me on Friday (I had the day off thankfully) it took her 40 minutes to travel a distance which usually takes about 15 seconds doing the speed limit! YIKES!!

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In this image you can see one of the vehicles (the truck on the left) with the driver on top. What appears to be another vehicle to the right is actually the trucks trailer. The second car is just behind the truck (you can see a tiny part of it on the upper left side of the truck).

David Williams Photography Wordless Wednesday ~05.28.13~

This next image might appear to be a body bag but thankfully it’s not. It’s a thermal blanket wrapped around the survivor to keep her warm (the water is about 40° Fahrenheit or 4.4° Celsius). Truly amazing there were no deaths!

David Williams Photography Wordless Wednesday ~05.29.13~

Finally, here’s an image shortly after sundown. While we were out there, final confirmation on the number of cars/people who went into the water was rather hard to obtain. A candle light vigil was started in hopes everyone made it out safely and to no loss of life.

David Williams Photography Wordless Wednesday ~05.29.13~

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