David Williams Photography

I’ve been doing Wordless Wednesdays for sometime over on my “regular” >>photo blog<< now and decided to showcase them here! I’ve only loaded the past years (Nov 2011) images…you can check out the others on my photo blog.

I am a Canon shooter, however, I am not one of those who will proclaim Canon is better than [insert braNd name here] as I really believe it’s the person behind the camera! I use to list all my gear here but…meh, why? It is about the image after all, does a list of gear really do anything? ;)

Oh yea, a little about me! I am a Canadian who currently resides in the lovely state of Washington. I must say that I love living in this state, so many things to see and do in such a short driving distance. I have three absolutely wonderful kids and an amazing significant other, she really is awesome!



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